We offer a full range of services to meet your needs. This can include short term courses, workshops, presentations as well as individual sessions. All of these sessions can be tailored to your specific needs.

Short Term Courses – Dates will be posted when available.

Workshops – can be 1/2 day, 1 day or weekend formats.

Presentations/Talks – 1 – 2 hr format.

Lunch & Learn Presentations can be conducted at your site.


Private sessions allow individuals to have appointments which fit their schedule and are specifically tailored to their preferences, needs, and goals.  Much more interactive work with biofeedback or other modalities is possible in private sessions compared to group programs, which some people find very beneficial in working toward their health and performance goals.

Content :

The initial appointment consists of an intake and interview to determine how stress management and self-regulation skills training would be most useful and appropriate for the individual. Often this session includes a stress and goal assessment, as well as introductory self-regulation techniques. It takes approximately 90 minutes in total. This initial meeting concludes with a training plan, and recommendations.

Any of the topics covered in the group programs can be explored more in depth in these private sessions. After the initial appointment, each training session is usually one hour in length.

To Make An Appointment or For Further Information :

If you wish more information, have further questions, or wish to make an appointment, do not hesitate to e-mail or call Mark Cummings at (905) 391-5976.   Please leave a message so I can return your call.


YSAM offers interactive and engaging Lunch & Learn presentations for businesses and community groups at their location.  We call our presentation style Edutainment because we educate and entertain our participants through active involvement in the session.

Possible Lunch & Learn topics include :

  • Attention: The Key to our Peace and Performance        
  • Empowering Secrets From Your Owner’s Manual
  • Managing Anxiety Effectively
  • Relaxation Techniques: Brief and Deep
  • Reversing Aging and Maintaining Vitality
  • Qi Gong and Energy Medicine for Health and Longevity
  • Self-Regulation Skills to Manage Our Habits

Attention: The Key to our Peace and Performance

Learn why how we pay attention is a crucial factor in our stress and performance levels. Why this factor is the underlying basis for so many of today’s problems.

Learn some simple skills that will quickly give you peace, improve your relationships and enhance your performance

Empowering Secrets From Your Owner’s Manual

Learn the simple keys to running our brain and body more effectively from the Owner’s Manual For Self-Regulation Of Your Brain and Body. We can be our greatest enemy or greatest ally. You are far more powerful than you can imagine, but it does take consistent effort and the right information.

Managing Anxiety Effectively

Learn the daily behaviours, body and thought processes that influence our anxiety levels – and how to influence them to your benefit. 

We will include practical strategies to reduce worrying and a busy brain, as well as decreasing anxious sensations in the body.  This workshop is the first place to start to begin decreasing anxiety and thinking & performing more effectively.

Relaxation Techniques: Brief and Deep

Learn simple and proven skills that allow you to effectively unwind from stress (without the need for alcohol or drugs to do it).

This presentation includes learning the stress responses to recognize as cues for action.

How to use brief techniques (10 secs to 3 min) to prevent rising stress levels in the midst of a busy day. How to use deep or longer techniques to enhance immune function, mood, energy & restoration after a demanding morning or a long day.

Reversing Aging and Maintaining Vitality

Learn about new research that is showing that we can literally slow down and even in some cases reverse the aging process. Successful results from Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Dean Ornish are showing this is possible and self-regulation practises are a key component.

Find out about the brain enhancing effects of exercise and how ancient practises such as Qi Gong can maintain and enhance our vitality.

Qi Gong and Energy Medicine for Health and Longevity

Find out what Qi Gong is and how Energy Medicine can help you thrive.

Learn simple and gentle exercises that can energize and restore balance within you.

Self-Regulation Skills to Manage Our Habits

Learn the important role of self-regulation skills in habit management and recognize the positive intentions behind the habits.

Learn how to move yourself back to being in charge and find other healthy ways to fulfill your positive intentions behind the behaviour.


The number of participants, program content, number of session hours, and travel expenses determine the fee for on-site programs.

I would be pleased to discuss with you the possibilities of skills training within your workplace, athletic facility, school, or community group location.  Do not hesitate to e-mail or call Mark Cummings at (905) 391-5976.   Please leave a message so I can return your call.