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Life is a difficult balancing act. Let us provide you the necessary skills and information to help you to achieve your goals while maintaining balance. Learn the simple secrets from the Owners Manual For Self-Regulation Of Your Brain & Body that can lead you to mastery in your life.

Balance: The Essential Task for Achieving Enhanced Health and Performance

Balance is a basic principle that applies to every aspect of your life.  It seems that the pace of life is accelerating faster everyday, making it even tougher to avoid losing balance in many areas of our lives and habits.  Being out of balance creates stress for us and stressors can push us further out of balance.  Most of the common health and performance problems facing society today can be traced back to lifestyle imbalances.  Some of our ways of coping with these problems are ineffective and actually make these problems worse.  What are we to do?  There are so many books, audio programs, seminars, and speakers out there that tell you to do this or don’t do that, that it can be very confusing It seems overwhelming sometimes to sort through all this advice and figure out what really works, let alone what techniques can be easily integrated to make a real difference in your life.  The techniques presented here work and have been tested in some of the most demanding real life situations over the past 35 years.  Allow us to guide you through the maze of information available to help you produce the results  you want.  The time realities of a fast paced life demand that you use techniques that produce the greatest results in the least time. By choosing methods such as those found at this site, which are aligned with the brain and body’s natural built-in balancing mechanisms, enhanced success can be achieved.  Learn to work smarter, rather than harder.

Many people in our society are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress.  Commonly, people feel that stress is coming exclusively from the external environment.  Certainly, things are changing faster than ever before in human history, but is it all from “out there”, or is part of it actually caused by our reactions to the stress itself?

How do we get ourselves tied into such knots?  Research has shown that we actually create a lot of our own stress.  In one sense, we are capable of being our own worst enemy The good news, though, is that the very power our brains have to create problems can also be harnessed and used to reduce or even eliminate them.  We all have experienced stress, especially when our life moves out of balance.  But do we really know how it works? And do we really know how to deal with it?  The first step toward solving any problem is to first become aware of the problem.  Improved self-awareness can lead to greater self-control since you can notice that when you behave or think certain ways, it makes the problem better or worse.  As we develop improved self-control, we become more self-confident.  Greater self-confidence is a key factor contributing to both enhanced health and performance.        

How do we then create this awareness? Perhaps we can look in our owner’s manual to read up on our standard features and how to get the most out of them.  What’s that, you didn’t receive the owner’s manual for your brain and body?  We have been asking people for some time now and we haven’t found anyone who actually received one yet.  We have been steadily working over the years and have gradually developed more and more pages of the owner’s manual. 

Please consider letting us share with you the most up to date skills and information that have been carefully refined from a lifetime of great teachers. We know that we can teach you how to responsibly and effectively self regulate or run your brain and body to maintain a healthy balance.